Proverbs 25:11

A word at the right time is like apples of gold in a network of silver. 
Bible in Basic English
 Words spoken at the right time are like gold apples in a silver setting.
Common English Bible
To speak a word in due time, is like apples of gold on beds of silver.

Apples of Gold  is a place for all types of books to help you to enjoy a great life.  You will find many Christian books here, but also books on inspiration, positive-thinking, self-awareness, self-help, personal development, mental/physical/emotional health, etc.

If you don't like some of the books here, then you simply don't have to read them.  I work with God in every area of my existence, using anything and everything, including non-Christian books, because it all belongs to God.  This world and everything in it belongs to God to use in whatever way He pleases.  Christ used a variety of things and procedures to heal people, some of it seen as questionable and bizarre by recipients and onlookers. 

Don't miss out on your blessings at Apples of Gold simply because of 
prejudices against non-Christian books. The self-help books are at the bottom.  The Christian-based books are at the top.  While these listings are links to Amazon, many of the out-of-print books can be found through other means. To visit the Amazon listing click on the book image or in some cases, the link at the bottom of the overview paragraphs. Amazon has made some changes, so some of the book links may be broken. I'll be updating this page continuously. Also, try locating used books at:
  • old/used book shops
  • thrift stores
  • out-of-print book companies
  • library book sales
  • yard/garage/estate sales
A Note About The Authors That I Share 

Oftentimes, negative write-ups can be found about the lives of many Christian ministers. Sometimes confessions are voluntarily made, and sometimes they are forced by those who may have knowledge of the challenges and indiscretions of others. If I deem a book to be helpful to Christians who want to grow in the Lord, I will share it irregardless of any negative press that the author may have received. I choose not to judge other Christians in a way that I see as self-righteous and self-serving. We all have challenges and failures, most hidden from the public eye. We are all in recovery. I choose to acknowledge the wisdom and power that flows through all Christians, in various forms and at various times in our lives. 

As I shared above, you don't have to read any of the books that I share at Apples of Gold. It is your desire, you choice. Certainly, if you feel that God is leading you not to read any of this material, then you should comply. Go with the Spirit of God. Go with your heart. 

Healing for Damaged Emotions (David Seamands Series)  
This books helps us to examine the results of painful experiences in our lives, and to pursue healing of those experiences. I believe that many experiences, though buried because they are too painful, negatively influence our lives today. We don't acknowledge them, but they are always there to counteract and undermine our happiness and success.

Ever wonder why the same circumstances occur in your life? Confused about why you can't seem to ever succeed in some area of your life? We know that there are many possibilities for the answer to these questions, including that God is bringing us to a conversion point. However, if you've never had the vision or courage to examine your painful past and it's devastating effect upon your current life, consider reading this book.  Often, we need a little help in finding our way through the painful maze of these damaged emotions into the light of acceptance and deliverance.This is a short book (160 pgs) originally published in 1981. An accompanying workbook was also published.

Dr. Seamands was born in India to missionary parents. He graduated from Asbury College, Drew Theological Seminary and the Hartford Seminary Foundation. He and his wife, Helen, served as United Methodist Missionaries in India from 1946 until 1962. From 1962 until 1984 he was the senior pastor of the United Methodist Church in Wilmore. He went to be with the Lord in 2006. Read more about him at this link, Evangelism Today blog post that honors his memory.

Find It Fast in the Bible: Your Complete Topical Reference  
This biblical reference book offers over 400 topics and over 8000 references. It is good for individual study, discussions, witnessing, research, etc. Included are one-line summaries of each verse. For instance the word Acceptance under A lists scriptures and descriptions like this:

Accept all authority-1 Peter 2:13
Accept both good and adversity from God-Job 2:10
Accept Christians weak in faith-Romans 14:1

Ron Rhodes is President of Reasoning From The Scriptures Ministries and author of over 60 books. He also teaches at several well-known seminaries, and is a keynote speaker at conferences across the U.S.

James Strong
The New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible 
Not only will you be able to find every word in the KJV bible, you can find the corresponding Hebrew and Greek words for the English words. Nothing has been omitted from the original 1890 edition of the six-pound book, but new supplementary material has been added. The most interesting thing about this study and reference book is that every occurrence, in the Bible, of a word is noted. New references include The Harmony of the Gospels, and a Topical Index. This is an essential reference book for writers and those who enjoy researching the scriptures.

James Strong (August 14, 1822 – August 7, 1894) was an American Methodist biblical scholar and educator. He was born in New York City, and graduated valedictorian of Wesleyan University in 1844. He was also mayor of his Long Island hometown at one time.  He numbered every occurrence of the root Hebrew and Greek words in the Bible.  This numbering system is still widely used in the English-speaking world, and available on the web.

Robert L. Wise
Crossing The Threshold Of Eternity
The author encourages us to pay attention when people are going over. We can get rich information from then, he writes. Most of all, we can show them that we really care by not ignoring or patronizing them, but by being attentive and believing what they are saying.
They are often existing this world, and the spiritual, and this co-existence can last for moments, or days or more.

Robert L. Wise, Ph.D., is an archbishop, lecturer, and Bible teacher who has spoken throughout Europe and the Far East. He is vice president of Feed the Children and a member of the Writer's Guild of New York City. He lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Always Daddy's Girl  
Help with understanding your father's impact on who you are.  Your relationship, or the lack of, does influence your womanhood.  Whether your relationship was good, bad or indifferent, this book will answer some questions you've always had.

H. Norman Wright, MFCC, CTS, a licensed marriage, child and family therapist, and trauma specialist, has published over 70 books.  He is Research Professor of Christian Education at Talbot School of Theology, and has been in private practice for 30+ years.  His current focus is in grief and trauma counseling and critical incident debriefings.

Amber Koneval
Drunk Dialing The Divine  
Amber is a young poet who recently published her first book of poetry.   She shares how she dealt with anger towards God, which led her to a peaceful understanding and love of Him.  This is a 22-poem collection about finding God's love even in the midst of personal anger. The verse draws from the Catholic-Christian tradition, which Amber shares is simply a way to denote from what tradition she's pulling her poetry, images and theological terms.

When asked about the origin of the book title she states, The name comes from a poem in the collection.....a reflection of a moment when a friend called me, drunk as a skunk, at three in the morning....he was calling for a prayer request....was he being blasphemous by wanting to pray when drunk, or was his relationship with God so solid that, even when barely conscious he knew who could be the only Person who could help him....It's an image that's stuck with me.... Buy the book here: Drunk Dialing the Divine Find out more about Amber here: The Amber of the Moment.

Self-Help Books

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind  
Joseph Murphy has taught, written, counseled and lectured all over the world for a quarter of a century.  This book was written to help you understand how your subconscious powers can perform miracles of healing, how you can use the Law of Attraction to increase your finances, how your subconscious mind can win you friends, peace and even assist in attracting your ideal mate, how to use dreams to help you solve problems.  ©1963 Prentice-Hall, Inc. ISBN 0-553-23399-8

Scriptures on this page are taken from Bible Study Tools


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