Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter: A Day of Rest & Celebration

My mom's lillies risen again on our apartment breezeway, salvaged from her old home.

Sundays always seem to be a day of rest for me.  Many of us were raised this way.  The Lord rested on the 7th day, or the 1st day, or otherwise, depending on how you see it.  So should we.

I think we should all have a day of rest, no matter what day it is that we choose.  Our bodies, minds and spirits benefit greatly from it.  The actual day doesn't matter to me, because the history of the names and times of days is variable, so why make a big deal of it?  Just choose a day, even if it changes each week, and rest.

Worship, hunt eggs, read the Bible, eat ham, go to an Easter sunrise service for the first time to celebrate the risen Christ, eat a chocolate rabbit.  Celebrate Easter however you can, and have a blessed rest.

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