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Poetry: I Met God In The Morning by Ralph Spalding Cushman

I met God in the morning when the day was at its best.

And his presence came like sunrise like a glory in my breast.

All day long his presence lingered all day long he stayed with me,

And we sailed with perfect calmness o'er a very troubled sea.

Other ships were blown and battered.

Other ships were sore distressed,

But the winds that seemed to drive them

Brought to me a peace and rest.

Then I thought of other mornings with a keen remorse of mind

When I too had loosed the moorings with the presence left behind.

Now I think I know the secret learned from many a troubled way.

You must meet him in the morning if you want him through the day.

by Ralph Spalding Cushman

Understanding And Harnessing The Mind As Ron Carpenter, Jr. Teaches

I was listening to and watching Ron Carpenter, Jr. teach, in his series about the MindWorld, about our understanding of enemy activity in our lives. I felt pressed to share some of his outstanding quotes with you. Like Joyce Meyer's Battlefield of the Mind series, I believe in teachings that draw the Christian's attention to the importance of working with the Holy Spirit to take control of and harness the mind. I believe that success as a growing Christian comes through understanding and applying this basic and critical principle.

I do plan to read Pastor Carpenter's book The Necessity of an Enemy, and listen to all of his MindWorld series of teachings. His understanding helps the growing Christian to practically apply the principals of God to every area of life. Here are some of his quotes from the book The Necessity of an Enemy:

"Learning how not to get too high on life's highs or too low on life's lows will help keep you stable."

"But poverty has nothing to do with income; it has everything to do with thinking. Poverty isn't a financial state of affairs. It's a state of mind."

"If you give a cash windfall to someone who's been poor throughout life, the money will quickly vanish. If you leap over several levels of financial responsibility and strength, you don't learn how to be wise with your money."

"Faith comes by hearing, not by seeing. Most people think the opposite of faith is doubt. Not true. The opposite of faith is sight. The enemy wants you to live by something that you saw, something that contradicted what God said about you."

"If you can beat it in your mind, you can beat it in your life."

"If you are passively living life, it's going to pass you right by and your enemies will tear you to pieces."

Here is more info about Pastor Ron Carpenter, Jr., where to buy the book and where to listen to the teachings on Youtube. You should read the reviews at Amazon, Goodreads or anywhere you can find some. Decide for yourself if his book and teachings about this subject can benefit you. Some comments, as usual for anyone who writes and teaches, are quite degrading and critical. Others are appreciative. Make your decision yay or nay, pray, and be led by God's Spirit in you. Don't be moved solely on what others say. Use those opinions as a guide.

About Ron Carpenter, Jr. -

Website & Church: Redemption

Book The Necessity of an Enemy: Amazon -

Youtube Lessons:

The Necessity of an Enemy part 1

The Necessity of an Enemy part 2

The Necessity of an Enemy part 3

The Necessity of an Enemy part 4

The Necessity of an Enemy part 5

The Necessity of an Enemy part 6

The Necessity of an Enemy part 7

The Necessity of an Enemy part 8

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Quotes: The Necessity of An Enemy. (c)2012 Ron Carpenter, Jr. Waterbrook Press:Colorado.

Roger Laidig: Finding Purpose and Joy, It's A Journey

Learn how to find purpose and joy in life.
Finding Purpose and Joy: It's A Journey, is an 81-page guidebook written by Purdue adjunct professor and Christian counselor Roger Laidig.  It is written in easy-to-read layman style, and printed in large text. Throughout the volume are simple, strategically-placed line drawings that support the life-changing lessons that Professor Laidig presents.  He outlines his case for the necessity of finding purpose and joy in about 14 short chapters, labeled as "steps". There are many profound points shared in this peacefully-written and quietly motivating book.

Finding Purpose and Joy
One point that Roger discusses is The Four Quadrants Time Management System. This is an effective way to corral our schedules, and he details it on pages 27-32. His explanation on page 34, of victimization, shows just how much insight he has into one of the significant origins of victim mentality, and how it manifests. If you want to get a spiritual handle on your memories of enduring mistreatment, you need to read this revelation. It will help you work with God to obliterate some negative effects of your past. You can believe that the truth always sets us free, one way or another. Professor Laidig has spoken a truth here that hit home for me. There is so much more in this book to help us grow towards healing and fulfillment.
Learn about the "white page" and "black dot" concept in personalities, and how it can help you to value and appreciate others.

In step 4, he explains how holding on to hurt and anger, as a result of mistreatment, causes us to continue to lose twice. I like how he reveals, in Step 5 a different understanding of what really happens when we insist on winning in every encounter that we have with anyone. In step 7, I enjoyed learning about the "white page" concept regarding personalities, and how it relates to the one black dot that can be present. Each time that I picked up this short book, I read something that my spirit quickly absorbed.

In every chapter Professor Laidig reveals at least one pertinent and interesting principle that will help us to find purpose and obtain joy in our lives.  You will find this candidly and insightfully written, self-help book to be easy to comprehend and enjoyable to read. Additionally, you can use it as a workbook by referring to the "Points To Ponder" at the end of each chapter. This makes "Finding Purpose and Joy" a practical book for Christian healing and growth.

Roger Laidig, writer
About his book Roger shares:

Most of us spend the first half of our lives trying to build our lives, grow in our careers, make more money, strive to live in nicer homes, and drive nicer cars.  At the same time as we have children, we want to make sure that they achieve and so we get them involved in many activities so that they can keep up with or do better than their friends.  And yet, something seems to be missing.

If this describes your life at least to some degree, does life seem to feel like somewhat of a 'rat race' filled with anxiety?  Or maybe you're experiencing relationship challenges, your job situation is uncertain, or you’re struggling with debt.  In the depths of your soul are you wondering, "Is this all there is to life?"  If so, there is reason for hope.  Where you are at today is not your destination.  Rather, it's just the first day of the rest of your life.

So as you move forward on your life journey, this book was written with the desire to help you find purpose and joy in your remaining days.  And it can and should be the greatest season of your life.

Learn more about Roger at 

His Website
Finding Purpose and Joy: It's A Journey is available, in various versions, at:


Barnes & Noble

The Pocket Power Prayer

The effective prayer that Jesus modeled has traditionally been seen as The Lord's Prayer. It's actually a prayer model that Jesus suggested to his disciples to use when they prayed (Matthew 6 NKJV). He also admonished them to not use vain repetitions, which raises a question. If we pray this prayer regularly, aren't we using repetition?


The answer is in Verse 9, where Jesus encourages them to pray "in this manner."

He does not tell them to pray that prayer. In this manner means that he was providing a template, a format for them to use in creating their own prayer to God the Father

It is easy for man to get in a rut and to perform actions without thinking or feeling. Man also faces the danger of performing to receive glory from others, and to make a good impression. Jesus says that the only value that is received for that kind of behavior is what is gotten from others at that moment. There is no long term, spiritual benefit from performing vain repetitions to impress others. If we perform for others, it is easy to use vain repetitions because there is no heart in our display.


If we pray in private, making our prayer session between us and God alone, it is easy to use his prayer model to construct our own prayer, because our innermost feelings are drawn out.

It would be beneficial for you to create a prayer in your own words, using Jesus' model. I call it the Pocket Power Prayer, because it packs a lot of power in its small size. You would then pray it often, adding extra thoughts and feelings to it whenever they come up in your spirit. In this way, you will reduce the chance of making it repetitious.

This prayer model is useful when we don't know what to pray, but want to commune with God. I was on my knees and wanted to pray once, but just felt tired and uninspired. I decided to pray The Lord's Prayer, because I had heard that it covers everything.


I prayed it from the heart, carefully pronouncing each word and thinking deeply about the meaning of each phrase.

The most interesting thing happened! When I finished, I wanted to continue praying, adding more to cover all of my concerns of that moment, but I could not pray anything else. When I began to say a statement, it felt like I'd already prayed it. I felt that it was already covered. So it is true that when Jesus spoke this prayer model to his disciples, he presented a perfect prayer format.

This is my prayer rewrite. You are welcome to use it whenever you would like, but I encourage you to write your own. Just rewrite each phrase of The Lord's Prayer in your own words. There are no perfect or right words or sentences. Just follow Jesus' format. As long as it makes sense to you God will understand and commune with you, because as Jesus said, "For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him" (Matthew 6:8 NKJV). This does not replace our open lines of communication with God, or our short or long prayers to God at any time.  It's an additional tool. If you look closely, you can see how I have followed Jesus' model for praying to God.

Dear Father, who lives in heavenly places that we can't yet see. May we respect your name continuously. May your inner glory fill us and your outer glory consume the world in due time. We embrace your daily plan in our lives and all around us, and throughout the world, just as your plans are carried out in the heavenly places. Thank you for providing food today, in whatever way it shall come.

We choose to forgive everyone who has misused, damaged or failed us. We know that in return we have your forgiveness, through your Son Jesus' sacrifice, for our sin state and all that it entails. Thank you for providing a way out of cowardice when we are tried, so that we can hold on and endure the testing. In this way, we know that we will be delivered from the evil of faithlessness and fear.  We know that you own everything, Father. You possess power over all things, and all glory belongs to you. Amen

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Scriptures Taken From: Bible Study Tools

4-Point Prayer Day: Extra Communication With God

Today is 4-Point Prayer Day for me. I'll get on my knees 4 times today, in addition to my regular Open Line of Communication with God. Why am I doing this? Because the additional actions of reverence and submission to God go a long way to boost my faith and reception.

I believe that one of the main reasons that we feel that our prayers are not answered is because we don't know how to receive. Practicing a day of getting on my knees 4 times is a jump-starter and rocket-infusion of spiritual positioning. I am making an extra effort to get into position to communicate with and receive from God. I am readying myself to grab hold of whatever it is that I need in order to advance to the next level of my spiritual walk. This puts me in a position to also receive into the natural, that which I've asked for and am believing God for in the spiritual.

Like fasting and other special activities before the Lord, 4-Point Prayer Day is not something that I will be doing often, or every other day. I want to preserve the power of this event, and not allow it to become a stagnant and boring habit. I'll do it as I feel the need. This process was given to me in my spirit a few weeks ago. I'm excited to now begin practicing it.

God bless your prayer life to reach
new heights of effectiveness!

Image Graphic Credit: Wake Up To Jesus

With Faith

If you have received this week's post via email or maybe feed, you may not be able to see this video by Kutless, titled What Faith Can Do.
Follow the link to the blog so that you can be inspired by this great song, which has the lyrics displayed also.

Just another reminder that it is your growing faith that will carry you through to all of the wonderful blessings that you are believing God for.

Without faith you cannot stand firm and wait, expecting what he has already sent your way.

Faith is necessary to obtain what you have asked God for.

You can tell what you have faith in by what you do each day.

If you say you have faith that something great is going to happen in your life, and you don't find yourself doing little things to prepare for it, you don't REALLY believe it. If you don't REALLY believe it, you can't receive it. So the question to ask yourself is this, If I have asked and confessed that I believe that God has heard me, and that this thing is done in God's spiritual world, why am I not preparing to receive it in my natural world? Why am I going about each day as if nothing is coming? Why am I having to ask God for the same thing over and over again, if I really believe that it is done?

It is easy to grow your faith. Ask God to increase it, and then obey as he prompts you. He will make sure that you will feel the prompting when he does it. It will be up to you to respond and obey.

Without faith it is impossible to please God, because God is pleased when our lives reflect health, wealth, happiness, joy, peace, compassion, love, long-suffering, goodness and meekness, under all circumstances. These things bless us and elevate us above the darkness of this world. God is happy and pleased when we are living with his best and growing into more of his best, every day, no matter what our circumstances are. These things can be received only through faith.

Jesus said to him, If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes. 
(Mark 9:23, NKJV)

Belief is the same as 
F * A * I * T * H.

Scriptures taken from: Bible Study Tools

Good Thinking For Good Things

I read this encouraging devotion in a Guideposts booklet titled Courage: Finding Your Strength In Troubled Times:

One of the most powerful traits in human nature is that when you maintain a mental attitude of trust and faith-when you hope, dream, believe, pray and work toward God's assurance-you will create conditions in which every good thing can come to you.

It reminds me of the popular belief that 

like attracts like.

It is also the inverse of misery loves company, Murphy's law and garbage-in-garbage-out. There are many passages in the Bible that encourage the growing Christian to surround himself with positive-thinking people, in other words to be equally yoked. The Bible also teaches us that within the realm of faith, Murphy's law does not and cannot exist. It is not true that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Another important principle that the Bible promotes is that in studying and thinking upon good things, we input them into our hearts. From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, or


Our words always get their cue from what is in our hearts.

The Bible also alerts us that in determining to think good, positive, healthy thoughts, we are maintaining a mental attitude of trust and faith in God's ability and love for us. As a result, our thoughts and words will create the future that we desire; whether tomorrow, next week or next year. In essence, we will be opening the door and paving the way for God's goodness to come in and flourish.

Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.
(Proverbs 4:23 KJV)

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.
(Proverbs 4:23 (NIV)


Quote Credit: (c)2008 Peale Center for Christian Living Guideposts Outreach

Scriptures Taken From: Bible Study Tools,

Keep Growing And Flowing

I know that you are committed and faithful about seeking God's face. You are faithful in drawing nigh to him. You don't seek counsel from those who don't love the Lord. You refuse to practice the un-Godly ways of unbelievers. You don't socialize with those who scorn the Kingdom of God.  You delight in the things of God, and you meditate in his Word day and night. You work out your salvation with fear and trembling every day. Because of this lifestyle, you are like a tree planted by the rivers of waters, that brings forth fruit in it's season. Your leaf shall not wither, and whatever you do shall prosper. You are on a roll, in God and for God.

waterfalls photo: Cascadas Azul in Chiapas, Mexico 47587CascadasdeAguaAzulChiapasMe-1.jpg 

You will run across others who desire for you to be bound, as they are, because they have not advanced as you have. They will want you to be fearful, as they are, because they are still living in fear. They will want you to draw back, as they do, because they can't move forward in their faith, or lack of faith. Don't buy into it. Don't receive it. Allow your faith, your God-given insight and your power through freedom in Christ to reign. Don't turn back. Don't be drawn back. Keep pressing forward in studying and learning. Rivers of living waters flow from your belly, but that water is only for those who will partake of it, as God ordains.

As you continue to be filled with blessings, you will bless. Flowing waters of blessings from God in to you. Flowing waters of blessings from God out to others who are ordained to receive. Don't allow those who can't receive from you to stop your flow. Get wisdom. Get understanding. Protect your relationship with the Lord.

Dear Lord: Send anointed friends and associates to those who are growing in you everyday. Close the hedge of protection around your servants who obey you, and who prove daily what is your good and acceptable and perfect will. We thank you for only allowing the appointed ones to get through to close fellowship with them. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Psalm 1:1-3
Romans 12:2
Philippians 2:12
John 7:38
Proverbs 4:5,7
Proverbs 16:16

Image Credit: loewus9_photos
Scripture References: Bible Study Tools

A Chance To Prepare

The knowledge of the inevitable is a chance to prepare.  Often, we don't take the chance that is given to us.  It's a lifelong chance, for we have all of our lives, starting today, to prepare.  It seems that something as inevitable as death would be attended to by all, but instead we avoid it until it overtakes us.

If we die instantly and before our time, we don't know what hit us.  We laugh at people who plan their funerals and choose their burial garments.  We hope it won't happen to us, while knowing it will, and that it could be any day.  We ignore children when they ask questions about death, preferring to judge them as incapable of dealing with it, when really it is the incapability of us adults.  As a result of being unable to face the inevitable, we die without our affairs in order, and without consideration to the ongoing lives of our loved ones.

If we care about those who will live after us, we can show that by beginning today to get our affairs in order.  If we want to be good stewards of all that we've been given,  we'll make time today to begin to prepare for our loved ones to have a smooth transition when we are gone.  We can love the ones we love by facing the fact that because we will be departing, we need to work to lessen the burden of those left behind.  We can begin to face the inevitable and leave a legacy of Godly preparation.  

For this God is our God, for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death.
(Psalm 48:14, King James Version)

May integrity and honesty protect me, for I put my hope in you.
(Psalm 25:21, New Living Translation)