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Christian Products: Matthew Mouse Bible Stories For Children


Cindy Rowe Dicks uses her skills as a writer and illustrator to create Matthew Mouse Bible Stories For Children. The full color, illustrated stories are delivered as 2 x A4 letters that are written by a little mouse named Matthew. He hops through the Bible meeting the people we know and love. He acts as a reporter, writing back to your children with a fresh perspective that's easy to read and understand.

Matthew Mouse Shares Bible Stories

Matthew Mouse Printable Bible Stories by Cindy Rowe Dicks

Cindy illustrates her stories in beautiful, full-color artwork that easily gets the attention of children and adults alike.

Her stories have intriguing titles that spark interest in learning. She even offers a free download so that you can learn more about Matthew Mouse and see how the letters are designed. 

Cindy also sends monthly letters and gifts to the Children's Home of Safety (Bethesda) in Sierra Leone. She uses 10% of her sales to help fund this giving program. She plans to expand her reach and give in more places, so your support will help her to continue.

Cindy is based in the UK and sells through Payhip.


My name is Cindy and I am the illustrator and creator of Matthew Mouse Bible stories. I decided in lockdown 2020 to use my love for children's illustrations and create physical letters, sent by a cute little mouse to children through the post.

My aim was to bring much loved Bible stories back to life, while little ones were not able to attend Sunday school or church.
I have now decided to share these letters digitally, making it easier for children across the world to have access to the same stories.

Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy hearing all about what Matthew Mouse gets up to.


CHILDREN'S RIGHTS: How ChildHelp Makes A Difference

I've added a new link to help children. Here is info about this compassionate organization and it has been added to my page here: Children's Rights. 

The organization says:

Helping victims of child abuse is more than just a desire, it is our lifetime commitment. This commitment began when our founders, two young Hollywood actresses, encountered 11 homeless orphans abroad, and all of their lives were forever changed.

Co-founders of Childhelp USA, Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson, were abroad in 1959 when they came across 11 orphans in Japan and decided to help the orphans by providing food and shelter. When Sara and Yvonne returned to the United States, they decided to open up an orphanage. From there, their agency continued to grow into a national organization assisting over nine million children since its inception.

New Resource Link On Children's Rights Page

A nice lady named Jackie sent me info about the article The Ultimate Parent Guide For Protecting Your Kid on the Internet. She said, " I liked the way they summarized each section with actionable items for the parent/teacher."

I added the link to my Children's Rights page at her request, where I also shared my impression of this crucial resource.