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A Little Leaven Leavens The Whole Person

Evil spirits always want to entice us with what we should not have but it's rarely in the form of an outright transgression. It's usually something on the thin line between what is acceptable and what is not, something that our flesh can slip past our reborn spirits. 

Paul, in Galatians 5:7-8, says, "You were doing well in your faith." He then asks, "Who persuaded you to not continue in the truth? It was not God the Father who called you to follow his Son Jesus." He goes on to share that he believes that through the Lord they will understand and remember the truth about the leaven of lies and seduction. 

We may think that little, questionable indulgences are not that bad but a little leaven will eventually leaven the whole attitude and direction of the person. It will cripple our walks in Christ. (Galatians 5:9) Succumbing to those minor fleshly desires will wreak havoc in our spiritual lives over time. 

Temptation and enticement to subtle, ungodly things are not insignificant. Evil spirits are not out to play with us. They are out to destroy us in as many ways and from as many directions as they can. The more that we brush off accepting small allurements and discount receiving little inducements the more destruction that rulers of the darkness of this world can do. Just as we eat and drink the Word of God everyday, they eat and drink plans for our destruction every day.  

When we work with God as he shows us the little issues, we allow our spiritual eyes to be opened so that we can see what the enemy is doing. We can perceive evil influence and control in our lives. We can obtain the answers that we need and information on directions to take regarding issues in our lives. Leavening takes over. That's what it's designed to do. Depending on what the leaven is, it can also be beneficial.

Adding the leaven of the Word by reading and studying it everyday will transform us. The Holy Word is living, like leaven, and will cause us to become more like Christ and draw closer to God. We don't have to be overcome by all of the Christian practices and traditions that we are judged for not being able to keep. When we focus upon putting the Word inside of us, we will please God and grow in him. A little leaven leavens the whole person, for bad or for good.

How ChurchCom Enables Impoverished Communities

Though the ChurchCom ministry is based in northern UK, its purpose and procedures can inspire ministries in other countries.

Joseph Bevan, founder of ChurchCom, has an extensive background in community development and engagement. Previously, he achieved success in a number of inner city areas of deprivation within the area of Birmingham, England.


One important position in which he served was as a youth and community worker and lecturer.




The initial vision of ChurchCom came from a government-funded role of community liaison within one of the United Kingdom's most challenged urban neighborhoods.

ChurchCom Website

Churchcom is a northern UK, non-profit organization managed by a group of community enablers. These committed ministry workers have broad backgrounds in spurring communities to engender success.

Their focus is to alleviate social poverty within specific areas of the United Kingdom. The vision of Churchcom is all about community, establishing socioeconomic hubs to bridge church with community, cutting red tape and empowering local volunteers.

They work with all community members, regardless of a faith-based or no-faith personal focus. The goal is to develop opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds to advance and succeed. 

ChurchCom Youtube Channel

A range of evangelistic preaching, teaching, worship, praise and charity-related missions, along with sharing practical evangelism skills.

Please Support & Partner with Us

Prayer is one of the most important ways you can do this.

If you would like to donate to our ministry, use the info below:

Sort Code: 30-62-61
Account No: 69068568
Name: ChurchCom munity

Feel free to get in touch:

All donations are used for evangelism and outreach.


ChurchCom Facebook Page

A vehicle of community change to tackle a variety of social evils. Includes daily devotions.

Christian Products & Services: Buy & Sell Facebook Group

A group for buying and selling Christian-themed products & services, such as books, crafts, music, etc. Come and promote your Christian creativity!


ChurchCom is a model of good practice for establishing socioeconomic hubs aiming to bridge church with community. 

Then Jesus came to them and said, All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. Matthew 28:18-20


God's Light Shines Through You


No matter what it looks like,
the God of Peace is with you. 
You are a channel for God's goodness.
It is not your flesh that is the channel.
It is your reborn spirit.
No matter what is going on with you,
your body is still the
Temple of the Holy Spirit. 

Sometimes it may not seem like it

but you are valuable to God.

The light of His life is always

in you and shining through you.

Be encouraged that the Spirit of God

operating in you is always working

 to promote life and peace,

in you, through you and around you,

to the far reaches of the earth,

to the end of time.


New Resource Link On Children's Rights Page

A nice lady named Jackie sent me info about the article The Ultimate Parent Guide For Protecting Your Kid on the Internet. She said, " I liked the way they summarized each section with actionable items for the parent/teacher."

I added the link to my Children's Rights page at her request, where I also shared my impression of this crucial resource.

Sister Betty Jo On Receiving & Giving Blessings

"So the blessings that you receive, let me tell you they are all from God, and with no strings attached."

 Receive Your Blessings, And Give Them As Well

Praise the Lord everyone!! You are a blessing whether you know it are not. There are many who do not know that they are blessings to people. They didn’t even think they could be. This title came to me in a positive way, Receive Your Blessings, And Give Them As Well. I don’t know about you, but I’m thankful and grateful for (all) my blessings; and knowing that the blessings that I have received during my journey, have been a teaching given from Jesus Christ Himself.

When I sit and think about John 3:16, For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life, I realize that I have read that scripture just as I have read many others, over and over again. This time, I went so deep into it that I said to myself, This God has done something that no other would have done for me.

He gave me a blessing, and I didn’t even know that was what it was. I asked myself why would He do such? Did He not know that I didn’t love Him, or how I was living, and how I cared only to please others? The answers to these questions that I was asking were a mystery. He came back with the answer in John 3:17, For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.

He wanted me to know that I was blessed by a gift called Salvation. And He wanted me to take this Word of blessing, and give it to others. Whether they accepted the blessing or rejected it was not to concern me. You still keep sharing it, is what He said.

So the blessings that you receive, let me tell you they are all from God, and with no strings attached.

He does what he does because He Loves us (all). You may hate Him…He still Loves you…You may use His name in vain…He still Loves you…You may be ashamed to speak of Him to your friends…He still Loves you. You may try to stop Him, but you can’t…He still Loves You.

His blessings are still spreading, and spreading. And those who are receiving them, are spreading and spreading them to people who do not know that they are to become blessings also. That man, that woman, that boy and girl do not yet know that they are to become blessings in return. Praise the LORD!!

So, receive your blessings, and give them as well. Those of you who have testimonies of what Jesus Christ has done in your life, tell It! Keep it real! Don’t allow the devil to stop you…his a liar, deceitful, and a hater. There is no love in him.

Jesus Christ Is Agape, A Blessing!

Sister Betty Jo is a strong woman of God who loves sharing her relationship with The Father, and what Christ has done for her. She lives in TX, and enjoys spending time with her daughter and granddaughters. She is a crafter and folk art painter, and likes cooking, especially trying new recipes.

This is what she has to say about her relationship with the Lord,

" My Life Has Not Been The Same since I Was Diagnosed With Lupus Some Years Ago. My Life Has Changed Quite A Bit, But Lupus Does Not Define Who I Am. I'm Blessed To Have Jesus Christ as my Savior. Also Loved One's & Friends Are My Blessings.

I Am A Bible Believing Christian. I don't like religion. I'm in love with Jesus Christ, whom I have a relationship with. I will Follow Jesus Christ, and not man. He will direct my feet into the right path. It isn't about how good I think I am, or what I think I can do for Him. I cannot work my way to Heaven, nor pay Him to take me. I'm blessed through SURRENDERING my all to Him. He has forgiven me of my nasty Sins.  

I am in a Intimate Relationship with a man who gave His life for me. He loved me that much that He laid His life on a cross that was put together by man. My life has not been the same after I gave Him my heart, and my life. That is True and Honest Love.

No matter what I looked like, or the life-style that I was living that wasn't pleasing to Him, He still accepted me with open arms. He said to me at that moment..."your sins have been forgiven." That was a Promise that He has kept ever since. Halleujah!! My first and Only Love!! His name by the way is Jesus Christ. Amen!! Don't Give Up! Push On! Amen!! "

Draw Nigh To  Hope

How Can I REALLY Witness About The Goodness Of God?

It's not being a Christian that witnesses.

It's the change that

growing as a Christian makes

in the attitude, personality and behavior

of the evolving Christian.


Generally, unless it is a specific work of The Spirit at that moment, it is not so important to 

broadcast to people that we are Christians. Most people couldn't care less about a 

statement that could be true, or not.

What is important is that we have taken Christ's yoke upon us, that we are learning of Him, 

and therefore, faithfully growing in the Lord. When we pray often, read the Bible daily, and 

commit ourselves to allowing God to show us the way, and obeying when we see it, we will

find ourselves becoming more Christ-like.  If we are committed to daily doing this, the gradual 

change that it will bring about in us will be an outstanding witness to the presence of God. 


Pray. Read. Commit. Grow. Daily.

Image: Free Images

Christian Non-Biased Thoughts On Racial Misunderstandings

This graphic and the serious social questions that it poses was posted at Facebook by Domenic Colangelo of Phoenix, AZ.

I read it at least 3 times because it sounded so important. It sounds like 3 groups or 3 opposed factions are locking horns in the monologue, though it is all about race relations. Realizing that we all have strong convictions, I wanted to respond from as non-biased of a position as possible. So I decided to put aside my convictions, annoyances and frustrations and speak in a way that will help ALL people. That meant that I had to retreat into my Christian re-born spirit, and speak from a Godly viewpoint, rather than from a fleshly, worldly one.  This is my answer to his questions, and to a hurting world:

A lot of them are coming from people who covertly and overtly don't want to change from their attitude against others. No matter how much it is explained, they don't WANT to understand.

From my Christian viewpoint, most of us can pray that Good will overcome in all situations; but we know from God's Word that the world is on a downward track, and that there WILL be a final, preordained end to every bit of it. Until then, we each should think GOOD and do GOOD, and not allow ourselves to be drawn into divisions and warring factions.

Remain neutral in all things and spread the Love of God, which is impartial. Most of all, allow ourselves to be more used of the Spirit to present the question of SALVATION to others. The time is fast approaching, no matter how long the world has already been going on, for God to wrap it up. Until then, a lot more worse things are to happen more rapidly, whether you and I are here, or not. We can always do GOOD, but the world can do nothing but become worse. God does not lie. He has no need to. His Word tells us what to expect.

We should be leaving a legacy of Jesus Christ everywhere that we can, so that if we should leave before Jesus comes, we will have left something for those who are still here to grab hold of. Our younger relatives should have our legacy of hope in Jesus Christ to remember when we are gone. The younger we are, the more people we can touch, as the Lord leads, because naturally we have more time.

We can continue to think GOOD and do GOOD, to be lights in this dying world, but we cannot make this world into a Utopia. That task is reserved for God, by God; and he will do that at the end of time, when time is no more, when he has sent Jesus back again, and he has put an end to evil and everything and every being associated with it.

Pray without ceasing.

Image Graphic Credit: Domenic Colangelo, Phoenix, AZ.

When NOT To Give As Good As You Get

How many times have I returned a harsh communication with a harsh answer, I wonder? How often have I responded in like kind when someone snapped at me or made biting comments towards me? What is the number of times that I've repaid spiteful conversation with spite, or gave a person as good as the negative attitude that they gave to me?

If you've ever in your life been an average person, you too would not be able to count the number of times that you responded in the way that an angry person responded to you.

This bad habit, however, can be converted. Learning to replace this flesh-based, useless behavior with useful, spirit-filled responses is the key. We can learn the value of and utilize the spiritual tool of replying to wrath with soft words. What usually happens when we react to strife-laden attitudes? We usually experience more of it, from the person and within ourselves. The opposite of this, says a quiet little scripture in Proverbs, is "A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger."

I don't know what led me to consider this scripture early this morning. In doing so, I found one answer as to why this principle works: We often possess the insight or knowledge needed to respond to a stressful remark with an soft answer. When we do, our answer shows the person that we care about him/her.

Because we are able to perceive something about the person or the situation, we are able to address that in our response.

Sometimes the person knows that we have spoken to something unsaid, sometimes not. It's similar to looking beyond the outward appearance into the spiritual realm. There is often something else behind the words that are being said and the harsh manner. When we respond in like kind though, it shows that at that moment we are self-centered, or centered in our flesh, rather than in our reborn spirit.

One reason that we often give as good as we get, rather then utilizing a soft answer, is because spiritual evil influence can target our flesh and hit it's mark. Evil influence, whether towards someone else or towards ourselves, cannot target our reborn spirit. It hurts when someone yells, or snaps, or bites our heads off. It is not fair when someone speaks to us in a disrespectful manner, or treats us like we are unimportant. It can be damaging to our self-image, self-worth and self-esteem to be talked to with disdain, disregard and a lack of compassion. All of this warfare takes place in the flesh.

Recognizing these facts, however, and continuing to react in kind will not improve our ability to build our spiritual self-image, self-worth or self-esteem.

Reacting in kind harms our ability to improve. It accomplishes little, if anything. This is because our fiery, flesh-based responses rarely address real issues or change circumstances. When we understand this truth, we are able to allow our responses to be transformed.

When we see value in becoming humble enough to ignore verbal slights and attacks, and move beyond them in that moment, our responses will change. Often, it takes allowing what you know about the person, and maybe a situation, to rise to the surface of your consciousness at that moment. It takes peering into the response and the person, which is the same as moving beyond self. But how in the world can I do all of this in the short space of time when I am attacked, you ask?

All of this can be done in a split second, just as a biting response can be formed and made in a millisecond.

In order to reply with a soft answer, we may have to sometimes appear as if we are not fighting for our rights. When we allow that and use the soft answer, often the anger, stress, annoyance, snippishness and fear that motivated the person is disabled and disarmed. In that moment, we will find the person responding with a lot less malice than before, if not without any.

Walking in the spirit can become habitual, just as reacting in the flesh has been. We can re-learn how to respond with soft words, and enjoy more peaceful communication, and peace within. When we receive and understand valuable truths, we change the way that we think. When we change the way that we think, our behavior follows suit.

The lips of the wise disperse knowledge: but the heart of the foolish doeth not so.
(Proverbs 15:7 KJV)
    The lips of the wise spread knowledge; Not so with the heart of fools. 
(Proverbs 15:7 WEB)

A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.
(Proverbs 15:1 KJV)
 A gentle answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger.
 (Proverbs 15:1 WEB)

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,....
(Romans 12:2 KJV)
 And be not conformed to this world: but be reformed in the newness of your mind,....
 (Romans 12:2 DR)

Image Credit:
Scripture Taken From Bible Study Tools:

Keep Growing And Flowing

I know that you are committed and faithful about seeking God's face. You are faithful in drawing nigh to him. You don't seek counsel from those who don't love the Lord. You refuse to practice the un-Godly ways of unbelievers. You don't socialize with those who scorn the Kingdom of God.  You delight in the things of God, and you meditate in his Word day and night. You work out your salvation with fear and trembling every day. Because of this lifestyle, you are like a tree planted by the rivers of waters, that brings forth fruit in it's season. Your leaf shall not wither, and whatever you do shall prosper. You are on a roll, in God and for God.

waterfalls photo: Cascadas Azul in Chiapas, Mexico 47587CascadasdeAguaAzulChiapasMe-1.jpg 

You will run across others who desire for you to be bound, as they are, because they have not advanced as you have. They will want you to be fearful, as they are, because they are still living in fear. They will want you to draw back, as they do, because they can't move forward in their faith, or lack of faith. Don't buy into it. Don't receive it. Allow your faith, your God-given insight and your power through freedom in Christ to reign. Don't turn back. Don't be drawn back. Keep pressing forward in studying and learning. Rivers of living waters flow from your belly, but that water is only for those who will partake of it, as God ordains.

As you continue to be filled with blessings, you will bless. Flowing waters of blessings from God in to you. Flowing waters of blessings from God out to others who are ordained to receive. Don't allow those who can't receive from you to stop your flow. Get wisdom. Get understanding. Protect your relationship with the Lord.

Dear Lord: Send anointed friends and associates to those who are growing in you everyday. Close the hedge of protection around your servants who obey you, and who prove daily what is your good and acceptable and perfect will. We thank you for only allowing the appointed ones to get through to close fellowship with them. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Psalm 1:1-3
Romans 12:2
Philippians 2:12
John 7:38
Proverbs 4:5,7
Proverbs 16:16

Image Credit: loewus9_photos
Scripture References: Bible Study Tools

Praying For Thieves

I found myself in front of the church gazing at the roses, which led me to think about the stolen rose bushes. Someone(s) had pilfered three new rose bushes from a street side median. They had been placed there to beautify the old, eclectic neighborhood, and now that spot of arid dirt was once again barren. I can't understand how someone could plant stolen rose bushes in their yard and look at them with appreciation everyday. Maybe they were stolen and sold. Roses are so beautiful and stand for so many beautiful things.

My thoughts drifted to the consistent theft that I experienced while working in a department store. The same group of family and friends, in various numbers or singly, would regularly steal throughout the store. They would shop each holiday, sports event and season, stealing housewares, clothing, children's items, costumes and anything else they could conceal. They stole at Easter, and they stole for Harvest/Halloween. They stole before game day, and at Christmastime. I can't imagine how it feels to laugh and play and enjoy life in a home filled with stolen items, and to care for children whose every item of apparel has been stolen.

We know that there are many types of theft in many different circumstances. When we pray for thieves, we are praying for ourselves as well. We can be stealing, pilfering, pinching, cheating, misrepresenting and misappropriating, and not recognize it, denying it, hiding from it, justifying it and whitewashing it. It is not so much the act as the tiny thought in the heart.  We know about the heart of man, don't we? (Jeremiah 17:9)

So let's pray for thieves and most of all, for the thoughts that lead to chronic and acute thieving and dishonesty. Let's pray for the healing of hearts with a propensity towards stealing. Pray for thieves, and let us pray for each other, while we're at it.
Image Credit: Eric K Washington, flickr

Don't Hate, Just Pray

While walking to the store this morning I was solicited by a guy loitering out front.  As I walked through the convenience store parking lot, he stood up from where he was leaning against the wall behind the trash can.  Hey baby, he called.  You wanna jump on me?  I looked to the left at him with a scowl.  I was on my way to the grocery store next door, and didn't break stride as I said I don't know what that means, and kept stepping.

As I crossed over into the supermarket parking lot, I thought with annoyance how people do this sort of thing.  They are always bothering people and getting on the nerves of others.  As I walked and thought, my frown began to smooth out, and I thought that God can help him.  I silently rebuked myself for my train of thought.  Don't hate, just pray I told myself.  God knows why he's doing what he's doing. God knows what he needs that is beyond what he's doing.  I began to pray for him as I approached the glass doors of the store.

Don't hate, just pray is not about being jealous of the possessions, blessings or traits of someone else.  It's about re-directing our train of thought from being angry at the activities of others, to feeling compassion for them, and then praying a heartfelt prayer on their behalf.  We can hate what they do, but it's more beneficial, for us and them, to arrest our train of thought from hating the person.

We don't like it when we are approached by certain types of characters.  We don't want to rub shoulders with certain types of people.  When we encounter this, our thoughts can rapidly degrade, and become useless, if we are not aware of it.

When I left the store the 'fella was still loafing outside the convenience store.  He yelled out a similar invitation to another man, as he left the store.  That person said I don't know man, and kept walking, never turning around to look at the loafer.  Using my wisdom as a woman walking alone, I gave a wide berth to the front of the store where the man loitered.  As I made my way on towards home, I smiled and thought, Give grace to the graceless, and don't hate, just pray.  I did not doubt that God loves that man.

I desire therefore that the men in every place pray,
lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.
(I Timothy 2:8 World English Bible)

Image Credit: lovette<3 

Grace, Restraint & Peacemaking

Responding with grace and diplomacy is always the best policy.  It is a lesson that builds upon the saying if you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all.  It is a lesson that I use when my response has the potential to be too heated, too emotional, unfair or belligerent.  When debating and contesting may not increase knowledge, or foster friendly relationships, I choose this tact.  Thinking like this helps me to defuse situations and to also practice good conflict resolution.

Many years ago, I bought an electronic typewriter that began to have problems shortly after purchase.  I contacted the company, but was not able to resolve the issue to my satisfaction.  Though I was disappointed, angry and dissatisfied, the customer service manager was graceful in her formal letters to me.

Unfortunately, their service plan never served me well, so I never purchased an item with that brand name again.  I had always liked that company and they lost a customer.  However, I never forgot the consistent grace with which that person used to communicate with me.  Despite my angry and aggressive approach, she did not allow herself to respond in kind.  It did not cause me to remain loyal to her company, but it worked to diffuse my anger.  It prevented the situation from escalating, which was very helpful to me, emotionally and socially.

As you can see I am still impressed, after almost 20 years, by that manager's skill in the practice of restraint.  I choose to use the lesson of responding with grace and diplomacy in all of my interactions, and you know what? It always works.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.

(Matthew 5:9 New International Version)

By a soft answer wrath is turned away, but a bitter word

is a cause of angry feelings.

(Proverbs 15:1 Bible in Basic English)

Whoever loves pure thoughts and kind words will have even the king as a friend.

(Proverbs 22:11 New Century Version)  
Image Credit: OCVA

You Are A Good Influence Just As You Are

If you draw away in disgust, from those who are intolerant, how will you be a good example of someone who is?

You won't be around them to show what a beautiful spirit of tolerance you have.  Just try a little harder to hang around.  You just may influence someone to feel love.  You are an influence by just being you.

...that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable and perfect will of God. (Romans 12:2 King James Version)