The Kingdom Of God

The Kingdom of God is within those of us who love Jesus. It is a way of thinking which alters our thoughts which then directs how we behave. God's way of thinking is not immediately evident to us. We have to come to recognize it and learn to utilize it. Most of all, we have to see value in God's way of thinking and doing things in order to learn through his Holy Spirit. 


Poetry: A New Life


Your scriptures are so wonderful.

They energize my soul.

I love to read the stories

Of the patriarchs of old.

And also of the women

Who were prominent in Christ.

Who prayed and gave in faithfulness.

No fleshly guile or strife.

But most of all the thing I love

Is what your Word doth do.

It changes all the heart of me,

Transforms and makes me new.

For through the daily cleansing Word

I'm changed to be like you.

The Word restructures all of me.

I'm living life brand new.


(c)Sandra Johnson/Draw Nigh To Hope

Poetry: Your Glory Still Reigns


So much beauty is the nature

That you have created.

The devil was not able

To kill its glory,

Though cripple it did he.

Its inherent magnificence

I can still see.

He never had the power

To destroy.

Wreak havoc did he.

As long as I wake up

To sun rays,

As long as I can gaze

At waving tree branches,

As long as I can

Hear birds twitter

And see a sparkling creek

Tumble over rocks,

Your glory still reigns.


(c)Sandra Johnson/Draw Nigh To Hope


Praying For Her

Help her to know what she needs to do.
I don’t even know if she really knows you.
Have mercy on her Dear Father above.
Impart your forgiveness, your mercy and love.

May prayer touch the heart of that struggling soul.
May the love of God and mercies untold,
Fill her heart and mind with God’s holy hope.
May she wake in the morning with new ways to cope.


(c)Sandra Johnson/Draw Nigh To Hope

Poetry: GOD'S SUN


I love to see the sun come in
And light my way to happy thoughts.
I'm happier than I've ever been,
When sunlight shines and rain is nought.

For though I love a rainy day,
And Autumn's gray day I adore,
The sun is lovely I can say.
I feel as I have said 'afore.

It sparkles in the brightening morn'.
The shadows sharp upon the grass.
Another sunny day is born.
With hopeful joy and faith en masse.


(c)Sandra Johnson/Draw Nigh To Hope

Book: I Am Prospering Everyday

I Am Prospering Everyday: Scripture Declarations & Prayer Prompts

You want reading the scriptures to make a difference in your life and you read the Bible everyday in order to be transformed. You are always seeking ways to understand what the ancient scriptures mean to you today and how you can allow them to change and renew you.

God's Holy Spirit is always helping you to discern and rightly divide the scriptures so that they make sense to you. This is how paraphrasing can help. We do it everyday when we read scriptures, ponder their meaning and ask God to open our understanding and give us revelation knowledge on the messages.

The 32 scripture declarations in this journal are taken from the King James Version of The Holy Bible. I have then included paraphrases of each one. This means that my understanding of each scripture, through my Bible studies and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, has been written in simple, modern-day, American language. It is the way that we read and understand the scriptures in order to apply them to our lives in a practical way.

As you read the scriptures and their paraphrases, you will find space after them to write your own understanding and prayers. With the prayer prompts that I've included, you can expand your prayers to Our Heavenly Father through writing out your thoughts.

Also included are blank, lined pages at the end of the book, under the title My Power Scriptures. The word my means you. This is where you can make a log of 20 of your favorite, most life-changing scriptures. One two-page chapter is set aside for each scripture.

My prayer is that this scripture declaration and prayer prompt journal will aid you as you grow in the Lord. May Our Father bless you richly in every way, through his precious son, Jesus of Nazareth, The Christ, the only Savior of mankind.




I know the Lord, I know the Lord!

My spirit jumps for joy!

I know the Lord, I know the Lord!

And death has been destroyed.

For God's the very heart of me.

I love him evermore.

Without him never want to be.

I know the Lord, oh joy!


(c)Sandra Johnson/Draw Nigh To Hope



Oh God, did you set up

My deliverance decades ago?

Oh Father, did you set the stars

To turn in my favor?

You always come through

No matter what the challenge

Or fear.

You help and deliver,

Free and clear.

To my heart and my soul,

You are dear.


(c)Sandra Johnson/Draw Nigh To Hope

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I study your Word.

It's lovely to me,

Though sharp and cutting and true.

It brightens my path

And straightens it too.

It turns my gray skies to blue.


(c)Sandra Johnson/Draw Nigh To Hope

Poetry: Everlasting Nature


I have beautiful mornings with you.

As I sit quietly and watch,

Nature abounds.

For you and nature are one.

You created the beauty of nature

And it is everlasting and eternal.

It comes from you

And never ends.

My love for nature will never end.

One day I will enjoy it upon

The shores and hills and fields

Of a pristine Heaven and earth,

The way you meant it to be.

Everlasting nature.

Everlasting God.

Everlasting joy.


(c)Sandra Johnson/Draw Nigh To Hope