Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ask For Courage To Hold On

Some challenges and trials just seem to be too severe to continue enduring. We're not sure how to handle a particular situation that is unfair, depressing, painful, distressing or even devastating. We wonder why it is happening. Like with Job, some may come to say that we've done something wrong, or offended God in some way, but Job had not committed any wrong that justified his suffering. When we honestly can't think of an offense that we may have done, we are once again puzzled and depressed about why this agonizing situation is happening to us.

Sometimes, we feel guilty about past thoughts and deeds, and wonder if we are being punished for them. If we believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ and all that He did to pay the price of sin for us, we know that God does not punish us. When we remember the absolutes of the Gospel, we again wonder why we are going through this. We again ask why is it happening.

We understand that though we've been forgiven by God through Jesus' sacrifice for us, often we have to live with the consequences of past deeds. Sometimes we can make them right and enjoy smooth sailing regarding those deeds, and sometimes not. God does not always prevent or alleviate the reaping in this earth of what we sow. If this is not the case, reaping for sowing, regarding a particular trial, then what is it?

The truth is that there is often no answer, that we could ever find in this world, for what we are suffering through. Sometimes we are not given an answer when we ask God why. It has been said that some answers will not come until we are with God. Of course, ironically it probably won't matter then.

Whatever the cause of what you are going through, if you believe God and His Word, you will want to hold on through it all. You'll want to endure until the end of the trial; because often there is a special blessing in it for us. There is often the growth to be had that we need in order to receive the higher up blessings that we desire. And the end will come, one way or another. God has ordained an end to suffering I once heard someone say. I believe that. Whether your trial is mental, physical, emotional, social, financial, etc., it will not go on longer than God allows. It is to the Christian that all things work together for good. It is to those who believe that God takes hard and difficult things and turns them in to something good.

Dear Lord: Bless this reader with courage to hold on to faith and to endure what you have allowed. Help him to stand firm and obtain the blessing that this trial will provide. Give her the wisdom to discern between what you have allowed and what circumstances are not of you. Bless him with the knowledge to end any trial or challenge that is not ordained by you. In Jesus' name I ask. Amen.

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