Monday, September 8, 2014

4-Point Prayer Day: Extra Communication With God

Today is 4-Point Prayer Day for me. I'll get on my knees 4 times today, in addition to my regular Open Line of Communication with God. Why am I doing this? Because the additional actions of reverence and submission to God go a long way to boost my faith and reception.

I believe that one of the main reasons that we feel that our prayers are not answered is because we don't know how to receive. Practicing a day of getting on my knees 4 times is a jump-starter and rocket-infusion of spiritual positioning. I am making an extra effort to get into position to communicate with and receive from God. I am readying myself to grab hold of whatever it is that I need in order to advance to the next level of my spiritual walk. This puts me in a position to also receive into the natural, that which I've asked for and am believing God for in the spiritual.

Like fasting and other special activities before the Lord, 4-Point Prayer Day is not something that I will be doing often, or every other day. I want to preserve the power of this event, and not allow it to become a stagnant and boring habit. I'll do it as I feel the need. This process was given to me in my spirit a few weeks ago. I'm excited to now begin practicing it.

God bless your prayer life to reach
new heights of effectiveness!

Image Graphic Credit: Wake Up To Jesus

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