Sunday, October 26, 2014

Poetry: Reasons And Seasons

When your burdens heavy laden
From the cares you find in life,
And you cannot find a reason
For your troubles and your strife,
When it feels you go in circles
And at times you walk in place,
And your tears flow like a river
As they each run down your face,

You must know you're not alone there
In your place of tears and pain,
And the burdens you now carry
Are not carried all in vain.
For there's reasons and there's seasons
To the mysteries in life,
There's sowing and there's growing
Through our happiness and strife.

We're shaped and rearranged
With each burden that we bear,
A hard heart now made softer
One that understands and cares.
And though your pain seems now in vain
On this journey we call life,
Soon you'll look back and you'll realize
There were reasons for your strife.

A lesson learned, a different view,
We're growing all the time,
You need only search within your heart
And a reason you will find.

Gina Laurin
©38173-D Come Follow Me, New Hope Books, A Salesian Missions Publication

Image: Pixabay Free Images

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