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Roger Laidig: Finding Purpose and Joy, It's A Journey

Learn how to find purpose and joy in life.
Finding Purpose and Joy: It's A Journey, is an 81-page guidebook written by Purdue adjunct professor and Christian counselor Roger Laidig.  It is written in easy-to-read layman style, and printed in large text. Throughout the volume are simple, strategically-placed line drawings that support the life-changing lessons that Professor Laidig presents.  He outlines his case for the necessity of finding purpose and joy in about 14 short chapters, labeled as "steps". There are many profound points shared in this peacefully-written and quietly motivating book.

Finding Purpose and Joy
One point that Roger discusses is The Four Quadrants Time Management System. This is an effective way to corral our schedules, and he details it on pages 27-32. His explanation on page 34, of victimization, shows just how much insight he has into one of the significant origins of victim mentality, and how it manifests. If you want to get a spiritual handle on your memories of enduring mistreatment, you need to read this revelation. It will help you work with God to obliterate some negative effects of your past. You can believe that the truth always sets us free, one way or another. Professor Laidig has spoken a truth here that hit home for me. There is so much more in this book to help us grow towards healing and fulfillment.
Learn about the "white page" and "black dot" concept in personalities, and how it can help you to value and appreciate others.

In step 4, he explains how holding on to hurt and anger, as a result of mistreatment, causes us to continue to lose twice. I like how he reveals, in Step 5 a different understanding of what really happens when we insist on winning in every encounter that we have with anyone. In step 7, I enjoyed learning about the "white page" concept regarding personalities, and how it relates to the one black dot that can be present. Each time that I picked up this short book, I read something that my spirit quickly absorbed.

In every chapter Professor Laidig reveals at least one pertinent and interesting principle that will help us to find purpose and obtain joy in our lives.  You will find this candidly and insightfully written, self-help book to be easy to comprehend and enjoyable to read. Additionally, you can use it as a workbook by referring to the "Points To Ponder" at the end of each chapter. This makes "Finding Purpose and Joy" a practical book for Christian healing and growth.

Roger Laidig, writer
About his book Roger shares:

Most of us spend the first half of our lives trying to build our lives, grow in our careers, make more money, strive to live in nicer homes, and drive nicer cars.  At the same time as we have children, we want to make sure that they achieve and so we get them involved in many activities so that they can keep up with or do better than their friends.  And yet, something seems to be missing.

If this describes your life at least to some degree, does life seem to feel like somewhat of a 'rat race' filled with anxiety?  Or maybe you're experiencing relationship challenges, your job situation is uncertain, or you’re struggling with debt.  In the depths of your soul are you wondering, "Is this all there is to life?"  If so, there is reason for hope.  Where you are at today is not your destination.  Rather, it's just the first day of the rest of your life.

So as you move forward on your life journey, this book was written with the desire to help you find purpose and joy in your remaining days.  And it can and should be the greatest season of your life.

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