Friday, March 3, 2017

The Difference That Being Rooted & Grounded Makes

I can tell that I'm much more rooted and grounded in God's kingdom. One way in which this is evident to me is because I can listen to or watch anything about The Lord at any time of day or night. This is versus when I was un-saved, or a babe in Christ and felt comfortable and happy doing that at certain times of the day, or on certain days.

I'm just simply always ready to hear a good word about God, or listen to some good worship and praising. I always feel open to it, ready for it. I don't have to get ready, or get prepared, or get in the right frame of mind. I'm always ready to receive. 

I believe this is because I am on the inside of God's Kingdom, not on the outside looking in. Even new Christians are somewhat on the outside looking in, because they are not versed nor experienced in the things of God. They don't understand a lot about who they are, or what it is that they have. 

When I was on the outside, the things of God had the tendency to infringe upon my life, though I wanted to learn more about God. I was seeking growth, but that separation between my moods and desires were conflicting with being mentally and emotionally immersed in God things. 

Some may call it being in The Spirit. Others may refer to is as being consumed with the things of God. Whatever it is, I call it being rooted and grounded in all things God, to the extent that you are always joyfully willing to hear about Him.

As I ponder on this circumstance, I ask myself how has it come about? I believe it is because:
  1. I have been reading The Bible everyday for years now. Whether it is one paragraph or one chapter, I rarely miss.
  2. I have turned prayer into talking to God. As a result I spend time with Him throughout the day, talking to Him about my joys and sorrows. This allows me to share with Him when things happen, not later at a prayer time when I will have forgotten much of how I felt.
  3.  I pray for a hunger and thirst for righteousness, for God to make my crooked places straight, for Him to order my steps in His Word, for Him to establish my thoughts, and for Him to create in me a clean heart. I pray what The Word says I should have. These requests mean that I have to be continuously submitted to God.
I'm happy and content to be open to teaching, preaching, reading, worship and praise at all times. It's wonderful to welcome the things of God, rather than to be afraid or ambivalent about them. It's wonderful to be drawn to God at all times, rathern than to be repelled by Him at certain times.

To be rooted and grounded in God means that we can never get away from Him, and we never want to.



David C Brown said...

You can draw substance through the deep root, and be confident in the firm foundation of divine love.

Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

Oh yes, David. Only through the DEEP root can we draw sustenance. Shallow roots burn up in the heat of trial. They are like seeds that fall on rocky ground. That quick, superficial growth won't support us. Thanks for visiting!

FrankLivingFully said...

I feel the same way Sandi about being grounded. It's a matter of being patient with myself and others as we struggle to commit our inner selves to a life of service to others. It's letting life flow without being rushed so that we can listen, learn, and engage in uplifting and soothing conversation and all kinds of little acts of kindness each day. May I help you or a response to another being frustrated and overwhelmed with the cost of pet food are ways to help ourselves and others realize that we have the time and inclination to relate in a human way rather than being transaction bound.

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed talking to an older women and her small, white, collie-like dog. Sharing tips for saving money on dog and cat food really lifted her spirits. Just a few days later, I had the opportunity to learn about how essential oils are excellent flea repellents for cats, but not good for dogs. There was a chance to engage when her line at the cashier's desk disappeared and my large cat food purchase was done. She explained how she saved a great deal of money on commercial insect repellents for her cats through her knowledge of essential oils.

All it took to rediscover life through conversation again was to stay grounded in a spirit of openness, willingness to learn and listen, and to have the time to express an interest. It's so important to stay in God's time rather than the demands of my own time constraints. It takes openness and letting go of fear along with acceptance of the present with its openings to make two new friends who will want to share and listen again. All it took was having the gift of God's Time.

I am so happy you brought up this topic of being grounded. I understand it is essential in living in a wakeful, responsive, open way. Your friend Frank Elliott from Google Plus