Monday, April 30, 2018

CHRISTIAN CREATIVITY: Susan At Craft N Gift Creations

Ceramic Angel by Susan
Susan is a Christian crafter who creates ceramics through slip molding. This is where liquid clay is poured into plaster-of-Paris molds.

Ceramic Angel Bears by Craft N Gift Creations

This unmolded greenware is then trimmed, detailed and otherwise prepped for the next stages. Firing is where it is placed in a high-temperature clay works oven. Then Susan paints her bisque-ware in a special dry brush technique that produces her desired effects.

Ceramic Eagle by Susan
Ceramic wildlife statue by Craft N Gift Creations

What this talented crafter says about her work: 

Ceramic making is a labor of love. It is both time consuming, dusty and messy. You can easily spend 12-14 hours a day painting a ceramic piece, only to have to continue painting the following day to complete it. Most of the painting I do is called dry brushing, which is a technique of gradually building up the color to get the desired effect. I always admire other fellow ceramists as I know the time and processes that they took to create that beautiful ceramic piece.

Ceramic Wolf With Pup by clay crafter Susan
Ceramic Angel Girl by Etsy shop Craft N Gift Creations

Yellow Duck Ceramic Easter Peep by Christian Crafter Susan

Susan has been painting ceramics since she was a child. She also enjoys crocheting, cross stitch and jewelry making along with other crafts. She also loves gardening, camping, hiking, fishing and metal detecting with her husband, and spending time at home with her kitty and 2 bunnies. 

Craft N Gift Creations Shop

See Susan's lovely ceramic figurines and handmade bead jewelry at her Etsy shop Craft N Gift Creations


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