Gratefulness Equals Miracles


Raining cats and dogs, what to do...?

There is much to be grateful for, even though there can be trials, challenges, difficulties and struggles. Sometimes we may be so discouraged that we feel like we have to search for things for which to be grateful.

We feel so beaten down by life in this lost and dying world that we just get tired. At those times, we find it hard to be thankful because it may not be just raining. It may be raining cats and dogs and maybe it has been raining for some time. So what is there to do?

Living by faith so choose faith.

We know that we live by faith so we choose to turn once again to the author and the finisher of our faith, the precious Son, Jesus Christ. We choose once again to turn to our Heavenly Father, who through his loving kindnesses and mercies sent his Spirit to comfort us. We once again choose our ever-growing faith and what does our faith require?

Have faith, don't pretend.
Faith does not require that we pretend that the strains are not there. Faith requires that we rise above them by focusing on the things that make us grateful. While the answers and solutions to issues are being prepared by Our Heavenly Father, seeking gratefulness is a worthy effort to make, for it brings the light of His sunshine into sight.  David said, Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him from them all." (Psalm 34:19) 

Choosing our faith every time reminds us that there is hope in a Father who will not allow anything to separate us from His love. There is hope in a Savior who will never leave us nor forsake us. There is hope in a Holy Spirit who will lead and guide us into all truth.

Gratefulness = Faith = Hope. Miracles are not far behind.