No Doubt Jesus Is Alive!


Honoring Jesus Christ Of Nazareth Today
For He Is Most Certainly Alive
Happy Easter from Draw Nigh To Hope
  He Arose & He Is Without A Doubt Alive!
God loved us so much that he sent Jesus to die for us.
Happy Easter!
This is the day that Jesus arose!
We celebrate his obedience to the Father
and love for us!
He was obedient to the cross.
He was separated from his Father for a period in time,
all for our salvation.

We remember his selfless act
and how he submitted,
because his Father
asked him to.

It was all for us. 
For God so loved us 
that he sacrificed His Only Son,
so that whoever believes on Him
should have everlasting life.

I hope your Easter
is full of joy and peace
that will carry throughout the
rest of your life here on this earth.