Sunday, June 6, 2021

He Cares For You

Jesus has truly suffered it all.
Turn To Jesus, The Lover Of Your Soul

No matter what it is, you know that Jesus understands. He who suffered everything that you have and will suffer offers comfort in a way that no one else can.  Though he may not have experienced what you have in the way that you did, he has truly suffered it all.

He suffered it for you.
In his divine spirit and in his human heart and emotions, he experienced all of human horror. It is in the spirit and heart of man where the roots of true suffering are for all outer suffering. Jesus truly suffered it all for all mankind in the way that only God can. He suffered it all for you. He does know what you are feeling and why.

He did it for love, a special kind of holy love.
Jesus felt it all in a few moments of time, when he took into his human body all of the hurt, terror, depression, fear, discouragement, anxiety, hopelessness, rage and despair for each and every human who has lived, is alive today and who will come into this world. He did it for your soul. He did it for love, a special kind of holy love. Just tell him about it.

Talk to Jesus and remember that it is our Father God who raised him from the dead. 


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