Sunday, June 20, 2021

Problems With Forgiveness?

Keep trying forgiveness until you succeed in speaking it.
Forgiveness is a choice, just like happiness, love, faith, etc. No matter how we feel, if we confess to God that we forgive someone(s), God will do the rest.

God focuses on our hearts, not our feelings. He knows why we feel the way that we do, why it is hard to forgive that person or those people. Never give up on trying to utter words of forgiveness. Say what little bit you can to God about forgiving someone. Keep trying forgiveness until you succeed in speaking it.

Keep launching your kite of forgiveness until it catches the wind and flies high!

Obedience is to say to ourselves and to God "I forgive _________," even when we may feel that we shouldn't have to, that it's unfair, that it hurts too much, that God doesn't care. It is the honest effort that God honors. He will help you as you try.

Keep trying to launch your kite of forgiveness. It may take several tries. Your kite may take a nose dive several times and may even crash to the ground a couple of times. Pick it back up and launch it again.

Keep launching it until it catches and flies high into the sky with success. In a similar way, you will become adept at forgiving, with sincerity.

God honors us greatly when we obey in the name of righteousness! Over time, we will see great changes in ourselves and our lives when we choose to just obey and forgive. 



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