Freedom In Christ No Fellowship In Bondage

Many Christians make a big deal of things that God is not concerned about. They put the yoke of bondage on other Christians and say that it is God. They don't understand freedom in Christ or they won't accept it. They, therefore, don't want others to receive it. They want other Christians to be bound as they are but they don't call it bondage. They call it particulars of the Christian walk that God Our Father requires.

Walking with God is very personal for those who are on the narrow path and who eat and drink the Holy Word everyday. When each of us understands our own freedom in Christ and we take a stand in it, Christian friends are lost. We have to let them fall away. They can't go to a higher level with us today and maybe they never will be able to. We refuse to return to bondage when we are living in the freedom that Christ paid for. We won't go back and they won't go forward, so there is no fellowship. 

Refuse to return to bondage. Galatians 5:1