About DNTH

What Does Being An Evangelistic Writer Mean?

It Means That I Write About The Savior Jesus Christ
And My Relationship With God Our Father

This includes all that I am learning through Bible reading and research, and daily experience as I draw closer to God. I am a writer whose skills are based on a natural talent and enhanced by my love for the written word. Of course, I always give God the glory for my talents because they came from him.

I grew up in the Church of God and the Baptist church but I don't elevate any Christian church, group or organization above another. I've been saved since June 2, 1985 but had chosen to be baptized years before. I was in my 20's and it was done in a lake by Minister John James Sullivan, which was a beautiful experience.
Even though I was sincere about my Christianity, in the early years there were times when I did not seek God's face as much and when my Bible readings and daily prayer fell by the wayside. During these times, I held tightly onto God through my thoughts, especially when I would lay down to sleep. I knew that I belonged to him and it was like I knew that the condition of my life would not always be that way. I had a life preserver if I could just hold on, no matter how tenuous my hold was.
Christian Wall Art
I painted this wall art using acrylics, pen and clip art.
It  has a wire hanger embellished with beads.
At the beginning of my Christian growth, I joined 30th Street Christian Church in Los Angeles, CA. Returning to Tennessee, I joined a local non-denominational church where I advanced to giving announcements, occasionally teaching children's church, giving keynote speeches at events, publishing the newsletter and presenting at a workshop.

The Lord led me on from there to giving sermons on tithing at two churches. I also taught about prayer at a workshop held by the Lutheran church. 

Christian Handmade Cards
Two watercolor cards that I designed using stamping, hand lettering
and watercolor wash.
The Lord has also blessed me to be an experienced crafter, artist and graphic designer, though my work background is in the clerical field. I share some of my Christian creativity, along with others, on Sundays along with an evangelistic blog post.
I have one grown son and we are originally from middle Tennessee. I enjoy watching all types of creative programming on PBS. I also like fishing, walking, grilling out and going to festivals and street markets. I spend my days reading and studying the Bible, praying, creating art, designing, writing and reaching out to help the homeless and others who are struggling.
I learn regularly from:
I also enjoy visiting various local churches. 

Christian Watercolor Card
One of my watercolor greeting cards.

I call myself The Handmaid of the Lord, always available to do his bidding. He would never tell us to do anything wrong, though it can sometimes seem so to us or to others.
He's a good God and a wonderful Father.
He makes no mistakes and His plans are always perfect.
He is the most high God, the only wise God
and the one true God.

I do pray that the Lord will send listeners who need what I have to share. I believe that if I put it out there in the style with which I've been blessed and be true to my personality and ministry gifts, God will attract the ones He chooses to be blessed by what I have to say.
I'm an evangelistic writer, committed to sharing my growing knowledge of God. It's true. It's real. It's live and the blessing of it is here for the taking by all who will.

Sandi Holland

~ The Handmaid of the Lord ~

Christian Watercolor Painting
This is detail from my watercolor painting titled
Village Idyllic.


Renee barry said...

God bless you with your writing and ministering to others with the talents He has obviously given you. Continue to be a light...

Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

Thank you for your kind comment, Sis. Barry. It is a pleasure to know you. I look forward to us talking about the things of God's kingdom. God continue to bless you as you draw nigh to Him.