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Happy Good Friday! Honoring Jesus Christ Of Nazareth

Happy Good Friday From Draw Nigh To Hope
Jesus is Lord!

Honoring Jesus Christ On Good Friday

Honoring our Savior Jesus Christ's obedience
as he went faithfully to the cross.
All done for each one of us,
for the joy to come.
Jesus Christ Is Worthy To Be Praised On Good Friday And Everyday
If you are a single Christian who is believing God for a Christian spouse, remember that Jesus was obedient to his hurt and for the joy that was coming. In the same way, we should be willing to sacrifice for that special person whom God has designated for each of us, as they should be willing to do for us.

Thank you Dear Lord for your sacrifice and your Holy example.

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Honoring Jesus' Obedience On Palm Sunday

Happy Palm Sunday!
Happy Palm Sunday!
We remember Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem.
We remember that today represents the day that Jesus Christ of Nazareth made his triumphant entry into Jerusalem.
Jesus on the donkey is a beloved Christian icon.

He sat upon a donkey as he made his journey in. I've wondered what led to him getting on that donkey. Did he allow the throngs of people to put him on the donkey because that is how they wanted to honor him?

Was he simply weary from a long, hot, dusty  journey and in danger of collapsing? I will study that one day. Whatever the reason, Jesus on the donkey is one of the many revered icons of Christianity.
Hosanna, blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!

The icons don't have power in themselves and we don't idolize them. Like the Cross, they are beloved touch-points for our great love for our Savior and all that he stands for.
We honor Jesus' obedience.
Today we remember with joy that Jesus was obedient to the Father. He was strengthened and determined as he journeyed towards that inevitable suffering that we remember with sorrow.

Jesus Christ gave his life for our salvation.

 We thank you, dear Lord, for your obedience. Help us to be obedient always to the Father.

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3) St Paul's United Methodist Church