Monday, October 23, 2023

Christian Products: God, I'm Tired Of Praying Book

God, I'm Tired Of Praying: What To Think About How You Feel

You are tired of praying and do not find joy in it like you used to. You have been faithful and diligent but your fondest desires have not been fulfilled. You are grateful to your Father In Heaven, but even some needs, as you see them, have not been fulfilled.

Things have happened that you asked God to prevent. Things have not happened that you asked him to bring about. You have had tragedy or devastation in your life and prayers are not helping. They have not helped for a long time. You are sad and feel hopeless about your prayer life. You are afraid that you may never be able to pray in faith again.

Chapters in this book, such as Tired Of Believing In Prayer And Feeling Guilty and No Hope Of Ever Feeling It Again, confirm that you are tired of praying. The chapters I Can’t Pray Another Day and I Just Can’t Make The Effort Anymore, and other chapters, verify that you can't do it anymore.

Your real, deep feelings are supported by chapters like, If God Was Going To Give Me That Blessing He Would Have Done It By Now and Why Should I Pray When I Can't Stop What's Going To Happen?

Without judgement, I address the real feelings of Christians who are bone-weary from praying and believing in prayer. Within these chapters you will find validation for how you are feeling and comfort in learning that there is nothing wrong with you or your faith. As you read and I talk directly to you, you will also find inspiration and hope.

God, I'm Tired Of Praying: What To Think About How You Feel is a compilation of my You Are Here: Tired Of Praying & Weary posts from my blog, Draw Nigh To Hope. It also includes new content not shared at the blog.

This is a good book for you and others that you know to have handy in the valleys as you grow in your prayer walk.

Available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle.


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